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Post-Production In The Cloud



Our Story

34 Media was set up to adapt to the needs of todays content producers. We identified the problems holding other post houses back and adapted. Our entire suite of tools is available online 24/7. This means we have one of the fastest end to end solutions around

We don't have a fancy office in Soho and that allows us to pass the savings on to you. Being based in the cloud allows us to process and deliver your media faster.

Who We Are

We are a cloud based post production facility, we do the behind the scenes stuff needed to make your media the best it can be. We've helped clients big and small to fulfil their obligations and hit their deadlines.


Our core team is based in London, UK, but our cloud based platform allows us to deploy a scalable team of professionals. This allows us to be a truly 24/7 operation. Fast turnaround is our speciality.

Our Vision

We took a long hard think about what we would want from a post production house. We decided we didn't want to be swayed by fancy offices, we just wanted our media processed efficiently and at a reasonable price.


We developed a custom cloud based platform, OAM (Online Asset Management). This gives you constant access to the tools you need to get your assets processed and completed on time. 





Media Management

Utilising a mix of local and cloud based storage allows us to rapidly scale to your demands.

Our accelerated transfers mean that even the largest files get where they need to be fast.


From ingest to transcode to standards conversion, our suite of tools will process your media to your spec on time and under budget.

We offer PSE and R128 checks and we offer Alchemist standards conversion.

We offer conversion to any format including IMF and DCP.



Our team of editors have worked with clients like BBC, Discovery, Scripps and A+E Networks and can handle anything.

Whether you need VO removing from your audio for localisation purposes or complete shows editing from scratch we have the tools to facilitate you.


We help you meet the regulatory requirements of your contents distribution destination.

We find any faults before they become a problem allowing you to concentrate on the fun stuff, producing more content.

We work with you to fix problems either in house or using our team.

Archive & Distribution

Our cloud based storage uses world class encryption to keep your assets safe and accessible.

Scalable and cost effective, our cloud storage is supplemented by our petabyte of local storage meaning your in-progress projects are always available for the smallest of changes.  



Deep Industry Knowledge

Our deep knowledge of broadcast and media comes from years of experience working in the trenches. We've worked with some of the biggest names in the business, helping them fix problems and getting their content prepped and where it needs to be on time.

Years of Experience

We've seen it all and we're yet to come across a project we couldn't facilitate.

Get in touch and see what we can do for you.

In-house Development Team

Our custom cloud based media management platform OAM was built by our own in house team of developers. this means it can be rapidly made custom to fit your needs.

OAM allows 24/7 access to your media and workflows meaning you never miss a deadline.






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